November 9th, 2007


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Last of the 3 requests. Mostly brushwork...should translate pretty easily. The tutorial is made using black and white picture, but would probably work with colored pictures just as well.

Make a graphic like this:



Hi guys, I need a help :)

Can anyone teel me how I can make something like the banner at the end of the post ?
I mean, the white light. I've tried putting  on soft light at all kind of opacity, but it seems more a circle than a soft light.
AND how can I get that kind of scratch, in this size?
Thanks in advance =)

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halp :(

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Every time I try to make this icon (and the other one's the same color) lighter they end up looking faded. I'm not the best at photoshop (I have ps7) but is there any tuts to make icons softer/tuts for cartoon-y icons? I've only seen more human based ones :(

I looked through the memories but didn't really see anything, although I might be blind D:
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I don't know if this is the correct place to post this or not, but I recently had a problem with my computer and I don't have PS anymore. Does anyone know a place where I can get either the full version or a trial without downloading it from adobe? I'm really sorry if I can't post this here.

Clarification: I don't mean illegally. You know how let's you get a thirty day trial? Well, is there a place like that, just not from Adobe? (Adobe asks things like your address and I don't feel comfortable putting that. I know, I know.)

I don't.... get it.

Call me dense, but I haven't found a tut that I can understand for a mini-movie avvie. I have Photoshop CS and Imageready CS. If possible I would like a tutorial that makes these kind of avatars:Mini Movie Avatar

Thanks to anyone who can help!