November 11th, 2007

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To answer a question from a previous post -

I posted a mini-tutorial in response to this post, so I just thought I should link it here. It's just a very, VERY basic way to get a pretty good-looking base, from a dark, low-quality screencap & there's a lot of explanation, so it's good for a beginner. There's also a REALLLLLLLY brief run-down on how to use the unsharp mask. Like I said, it's extremely beginner. Any questions...I'm here. :), it is.



I Was curious if anyone has any good cool manipulation tutorials such as, 
puting ure head on someones body and make it look real, i know someone posted that with jared and zac efron and other intresting manipulaiton tutorials...  im using phootshop cs3

+ im soryr, i lost the post when  i asked u gys on how to photoshop you sitting beside a celebrity, i lost what u had to say.. so could u kindly tell u again, soory im new to this and it wont happen again! 

also see in this picture,
how could i photoshop a picture of someone in that case, how can i make it fit in and go under. and fit in perfectly and realisitcly, in the  frame


does anyone know how to do this mirror effect, credit rubber sun @ deviant art

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Rain Effect Help

I'm trying to follow this tutorial from the archives, which uses PSP8 and Animation Shop 3.

The frame speed it states is 0.1, but how do you get that in Animation Shop 3? The lowest is 1 and that looks jerky.
The question has been asked of the maker several times, but I can't see that it has been answered.

Thank you.

ETA: Answered, thank you.
the used->shirtless jepha?! =DD

iconing death note

So I've been wanting to make some Death Note icons, but it's come to my realization that I utterly and completely suck when it comes to iconing/coloring anime. I was wondering if someone here could help? Here are 2 examples;

(Both icons by velshtein.)

If someone could help, it'd be very appreciated. Linking me to other tutorials would be appreciated as well. Please and thanks!

eta; I use PS7 by the way.
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I made a tutoriallist here, with 122 tuts (including different techniques) but it's growing everyday :D Just thought I'd let you guys know in case you were interested :)

Also, I need help finding these textures (I've been looking forever);
and one big gray, 'dirty' texture with kinda a stamp mark on it.