November 12th, 2007

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I was wondering if anyone here had a tut or knew how to make this kind of pattern?/texture? These striped lines:
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edit: added on a different host, because tinypic doesn't show up for me today, so I can't tell if it went through.
(by: unknown, sorry if it's yours please say so, I'll credit. :])

I see that a lot on icons (or used to) & I'd appreciate any help please.
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Help? PS7 text

Okay, I just checked in the memories, and I can't find the solution to my problem, although I'm sure it's been posted before.

I use PS7, and my text was working fine, but all of a sudden the text became really large (like 24 pt) when it showed that it was set to 10 pt.

Does anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks for your help! :)

EDIT: solved, thank you!


Hi. Me again. I   REALLY want to know the colorings of these icons. I also provided you icon knowers with the orig. pics. they`re under the cut. thanks for any help! you guys helped me a lot last time i asked.

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