November 14th, 2007

Christmas Icons

Seeing as Christmas is only next month I thought I would ask this now so I can start making some Christmas Icons. 
I'm after some tutorials on how to make shimmering Christmas Stars, tree decorations etc icons. I don't have any samples to show you what I mean, so I hope you all understand what i'm talking about? = )
Any help would be much appreciated,

Edit - I Use PS cs2 and IR. =)
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Coloring Question...

I was just wondering if anyone know of a way or could help me figure out how to achieve a coloring similar to this. I saw it earlier today, and I really like it but I can't for the life of me get anything remotely close.
  by underlights
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Thanks in advance to anyone who's willing to help me out.
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Photoshop 7 >> Windows Vista

I recently bought a new computer which have Windows Vista on it. On my old laptop (with Windows XP) I had Photoshop 7.0. Can I install it on my new computer without problems or must I upgrade it  to (or buy) a newer version??
Thanx in advance :)
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Colouring With Variations [Photoshop CS2 with .psd file]

Go from this to

Difficulty: I would say easy to medium depending on your skill level/program knowledge.
Required Knowledge: It's best if you know the basics of your graphic program but I tried to explain things in as much detail as I could. You should be familiar with cropping/resizing images and the general layout of your program.
Program: I made this tutorial using Photoshop CS2. I'm sure it can be translated in some extent to other Photoshop programs, but I have no experience with PSP. There is an optional selective colouring step at the very end of the tutorial so PSP users shouldn't have any difficulties with that. I've included a .psd for the basic layers used that can be downloaded near the bottom of the tutorial.

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Animated Icons

HELP!!! I'm using CS3 to make an animated icon. When I hit save, it only saves one slide instead of the whole icon. Is there something I need to be doing before I try to save it? I've done everything I can think of and I've been trying to get this icon to save for nearly a month and I just can't figure it out. I'm at the end of my rope! Please Help!

Here's exactly what I've been doing:

I open up the first picture I want to use in CS3, then click on window>animation.
I open up the other pictures that I want to use one at time, click copy slide in the animation window, go back to the previous picture and click paste slide in the animation window, until I have all of the pictures as slides in the animation window.
I set the time for each slide.
I hit save as and try to save it, but it only saves the picture that I have opened at the time, not what's in the animation window.