November 15th, 2007

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Too Much Sun Glare Help


My sister's formal was yesterday, and unfortunately a lot of the pictures have a lot of sun glare in them. Is there a way to make their features more distinct/remove some of the glare? I've searched all through the mems but haven't found anything that really applied to what I want.

here is an example of what needs fixing. I use PS7.

Madrid - Plaza Mayor


Does anyone have any suggestions or tips for how to icon dark concert pictures? The pictures often have a lot of blackness and shadows, and sharp, bright colors. I've included a few examples under the cut.

Collapse )

Basically I'm just looking for ideas. I want a style that looks good for these types of photos, and I haven't found something I really love yet.


EDIT: I use Photoshop CS2.
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Hello Everyone

Hi! I'm new to this community =) I just wanted to introduce myself my name is Kilanda =). I'm trying to learn how to make good icons because quite frankly I suck at them hehe. I have been wondering a few things; the first thing is what are good fonts and good font sizes to use when making icons; second does anyone know how to make the moving animated icons you know like where the people are actually moving in the icon. I know about PSP and PS =)
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