November 17th, 2007

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This is my first tutorial, so forgive me if I don't explain some things enough.
I have never really shared many graphics with others, but I would love to hear your comments.

display.jpg picture by pinkcupcake90

[x] color layers
[x] levels
[x] selective coloring

using Photoshop CS. Sorry, it's not translatable...

HERE @ glam-ranger
nabari no ou    '

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Translatable: Yes, I think so. Program used is Adobe Photoshop Elements.
Difficulty: Average. Must have common knowledge of selecting areas, brushes, and simple fill techniques.
Other: So, this is my first tutorial. Please comment to let me know if you have any queries, and to see your finished results. =)

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i've checked the tags for help, but none of them have helped me.

i just want to know how to make simple, decent icons for an rpg journal.

whenever i try making icons all i really do is: open up the picture, crop it to 100x100, sharpen it. that's it, basically. and it always ends up looking fuzzy.

help, anyone? please?


When I try to open PSP9 I get an error 'unhandled exception, code =101, what = internal program error. An invalid parameter has been passed to a function'
When I try to open PS7 I get the grey splashpagething and then nothing, it just disappears
I can't even open paint! It says 'can't make empty document' (or something like that, it's in Dutch)

Anyone know what's going on? :-(