November 18th, 2007

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haiii! this is the first time I've every posted here, so yeahh. =]
but hello. okay, I'm going to get right to it, because I'm sure no one wants to listen to me ramble.

I just have two questionss. =]
one-- the colouring on this picture. sort of the soft, kinda blurred, yellow-ish colour? I guess. Yeahh.

thankss in advanceee<3
i use PSP9 and/or photoshop. =]

In need of assitance...

Hey :)

I'm fairly new to icon making, and I'm doing a lot of work with Underworld, Buffy and Angel screencaps which tend to be very dark. The Underworld ones in particular I find hard to work with, because the artistic blue tint the whole movie as doesn't translate so well into icon form. So if anyone knows of any tutorials specifically for icons from these shows/movies, I'd be very grateful if you could point them out.

Thanks :)

Need Help

I have no idea where else to ask this, or how to go about finding an answer.

Sometimes when I open Photoshop CS (on my MacBook) everything will reset to default. My loaded brushes will be gone and my windows (layers, colors, ect.) are all moved back to default settings. I'm sure other things happened, but I just haven't noticed them.

I've been trying to figure out what could cause this, but I'm stuck. Have any of you experienced this?
Do you have and suggestions? What should I do?

Thanks sooo much!

Colouring Ideas?

anyone have any ideas how I might achieve this colouring? Or tutorials? I know selective colouring is involved, and I have been playing around a lot. . . but I'm not really getting anywhere.

I also asked the artist, but they prolly wont be on for quite some time, and at that they seem rather eliteist. No offense to the artist.