November 19th, 2007

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I need help finding textures that color some parts of the graphic. I'd really appreciate if you could help me finding something like a splash or something like this;
 by spriink

Thanks for helping! :)

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Does anyone know where I could achieve either of these colorings? Tutorials and/or ideas would be great!! I've been playing around with photoshop, including selective coloring for the past couple days trying to get at least somewhere near them, but it always comes out horribly.

Thanks ahead of time to whoever can help.


Credit to fojbe
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i want to download an action to use on one of my pictures, but i have no idea how to go about it. i downloaded the action, opened up photoshop (cs2), opened a picture i wanted to try it on, opened up the history/actions boz and went to "load actions", and from there i got lost. i have no idea where the action i downloaded is, or where to find it. i've never done this before because i'm used to just following tutorials, but i really want to figure this out, it's driving me crazy. can anyone help me? sorry if i sound a little dumb, i'm still a noob. thanks in advance.

Please help!

 I have been trying for ages to figure out how to do this effect/colouring and haven't been succesful. 

Sorry I cant remember who the maker is ... if anyone know's please tell me and I will credit them! 

Ant help would be appreaciated!