November 20th, 2007

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Bill Kaulitz icon tutorial. (WIth levels).

2nd tutorial today, 3rd tutorial in all. This icon was requested by the oh so lovely trickstars (XD Who's first impression was "OH NO! IS THIS SELECTIVE COLORING!?" [it's not]). I worked this for her using the features in her program, which is Photoshop Elements 5.0. It uses levels so it may be translated, just not by me.

(So this time I had my Elements and PSP lovelies in mind~♥. Can levels be done in PSP? o.O)

Icon tutorial features Bill Kaulitz of the German band Tokio Hotel...and a sexy mofo at that.

From to

Features in this tutorial:
~ Fill layers
~ Levels
~ Could be translated, just not by me

Here @ rakkieki

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i want to know why my posts keep being deleted, i'm not asking anything different than anyone else here. I just needed help with a coloring tutorial. this has happened several times and it's not really fair.. :|

i wanted to know how to get the colorings like this for an ICON. so if anyone has a TUTORIAL that'd be great. since this is icon_tutorial.

New to PS Elements

So I got a mac and cant use PSP on it anymore so I bought PS Elements and it's giving me a ton of problems. cure most of my issues is there a way i can copy and then paste something as a new layer? .-.
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Cartoon me // Cartoon made by Nicky Rutt

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Ok we are learning how to make this: from this:
[x] Includes Selective Color layer
[ ] Translatable for all programs
[x] Comments and results are welcome
Made in Photoshop CS 2

Some other examples :


Like what you see? Then learn it over here ! @ my livejournal =]