November 22nd, 2007

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That’s my first tutorial and English is not my natural language (Spanish girl here), so sorry for the mistakes and if something isn’t well explained at all.
Here we go, how to go from:

this: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketto this: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

-In 6 easy steps! =D
-No selective coluring

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Help finding site

So my firefox deleted all my bookmarks! ARGH!!
Anyways, there was a really good listing site on LJ that listed tutorials lists. So it gave links to big tutorial lists. It had about 40 links, could someone please give me the link if they have it.

Help so much appreciated.
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Hi, I'm obviously new here so yeah, I was wondering if anyone knows how to achieve these colourings 

Sorry I don't have any of the original images. I use PS6 & PSPX. Thnx in advance. 
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Hii everyone,
 How do you made the text tool so that it's NOT a separate layer?
I use PS CS2
Thanks in advance =3
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I have PSCS2 and today I placed a picture onto another, and was going to feather the top one and found that it wouldn't let me.

Anyone have any ideas as to why it wouldn't let me, when I have feathered this particular picture before?

Please and sankyuu~!
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blurry pics

Im not sure if there is anyway to fix this, but i might as well try.

I took some pics, but my hand shook so now they're slightly blurry. is there anyway to fix it? or am i stuck with blury pics..

i use photoshop btw.

Help please :D

Hello! I need some help. I can't find "skratch"pictures for layouts, little big. I've tried tutorials but I don't mannage to make them.Do you guys know about any "skratch" photos out there?

Sorry my bad english (:

Thank you =)
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We'll be going from to .

Program: Adobe Photoshop CS3
Person: miyavi
Difficulty: Medium

You should be familiar with Selective Coloring before attempting this tutorial.

Here @ my LJ.
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