November 23rd, 2007


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Hi all! :]

I love this community, and I find great tutorials through it all the time, so I thought it was time to give back a tad.

I haven't written any tutorials, but I do have a list of completely translatable tutorials right here at my graphics journal, copper_wings.

Feel free to check it out! :]

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Can someone please help me locate a tutorial? I've searched in every single tutorial listing I am aware of and I can't find it...I'm pretty sure the tutorial was of Paris Hilton on the beach, with sunglasses on, and it had really bright colors. Also...the maker made a whole lot of other tutorials on making bright icons... I'd be grateful to anyone who can help me locate it.

Thanks to anyone can help! :)
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Hey guys, I really wanna know how to make this Heart:

Is this a Brush, a Texture or can I make it myself? Please help my, really wanna know it! Thanks!

Maker:  Bubbles001
frank → just like my favorite scene

image brightness

I'm having a problem with the images I save in PS. My icon/banner will be bright with color in PS, but when i save them and upload them to an image upload site, they get darker then i made them originally.  Does anyone have an idea on what's going on?  This happens to anything i save in PS by the way.

Hamilton the Honorable

Icon Tutorial - Rich Color

 This tutorial will focus on transforming dark, drab icons into those of rich color.
Using Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0
Uses Levels, Gradients Maps, Brightness/Contrast, and Photo Filter*
Level of Difficulty: Written for Beginners

*It can be translated.

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How Do I make icons like this? Can some one write a tutorial step by step for me or point me into a tutorial direction? I use both Photoshop cs3 & paintshop pro 8 & paintshop pro photo x2 along with animation shop.

along with tutorials on how to add textures to my programs lol sorry.