December 2nd, 2007

LJ Homework

Ack. *dies of frustration*

Are there any lovely people on lj right now that would mind helping me not drive myself into insanity with this stupid and hopefully silly and easily fixable problem? please? I've been a good girl and have already scoured the archive/memories/FAQ section before making this post. *puppy eyes*

I'm using Photoshop 7 and am fairly new with the program having only owned it for 3 weeks. The problem is whenever I open a new file or even a picture that I have saved a pale blue dotted line appears on the border, with two extremely tiny gray boxes in the upper corner of the file. The first box has the number 1 and the second box has a white square with a squiggle graph like line through the middle.

Does anybody know why this is happening and how to fix it or where I could go to learn how to fix the problem? Please?

Thank you for your time.

stock >> beach.


how to go from
*involves selective coloring. sorry PSP users.
you might be able to leave it out but i dont know how good it will look
*.psd included
*in 12 easy steps 

here @ iconmation
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i found this pretty icon on xanga. love the coloring. any of you know how to acheive this coloring? i would be very grateful if you could post me a tutorial. i would credit but i don't know who made it. i use photoshop cs 2.


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any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hey, I've been looking for a tutorial that was posted on here about a week ago, which I can't seem to find anymore.
It was a Hayden Panettiere manip tutorial, how to put two people together, something like that?
Does anyone have a link to it please?

Thankyou in advanced :)
dan&renny; hugs for friends

tutorial: bright colours and you!

I was playing around with PSP, and came up with something that surprised me, because I actually thought it looked pretty good. Hee. Also, it was super-easy to make. Not that I'd ever remember the steps again, so I wrote them down. And so, I'm sharing them.

Made with: PSP7
Uses: colour layers, hue/saturation, curves, textures.
Translatable: well, I assume so.

Disclaimer: This is my first tutorial. Eep.

(not actual size)

warning: picture-heavy!

Find it here at cuz_itsa_sin