December 3rd, 2007

Header tutorial help

Can anyone please hit me with some links to banner/header tutorials? It would be great if they involved blending of images or some use of  textures and cropping, the coloring doesn't really matter. Thank you in advance.

I use PS CS2 and PSP 10
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I have one quick question.

I've been having some problems with Photoshop lately - I use CS, and everything is working fine except for the text tool. Every time I try to add text to an icon or some other graphic, it always comes out kind of pixelly and with an over-sharpened effect. Can someone please tell me how to correct this?

Thank you!

Best tutorials of all time.

What are your favorite tutorials? The ones that have been most helpful to you, the ones that showed you how to do those gorgeous techniques you'd been wanting to learn, the ones that you go back to over and over again?

The more the merrier!
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Santa Hats?

Hey, everyone!

Now that it's almost Christmas, I couldn't help but notice all those cute icons of celebrities with Santa Hats on top of them popping up all over Livejournal.

Kristin Chenoweth by anthony

Is there a brush or a texture set for these adorable Santa hats? Or if there aren't any, can anyone help me figure out how I can make icons like that? I use Adobe Photoshop CS.
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Hello everyone!

I have a quick question about Photoshop 7.0.

Whenever I apply a texture and set it to multiply, and then try to lower the opacity, the texture shows thin white lines running vertically along the graphic. Here's a picture to show what I mean:

Does anyone know why this is happening, and if so, could you show me how to fix it? It's been happening for awhile now and it's getting pretty irritating. :P Thanks in advance for any help!
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Heyy guys, I was wondering, does anybody know how to make the dashed line present in this icon?

I know how to make it using the blending options, but it doesn't look the same way, this icon looks prettier
I'd really apreciate your help!
thx in advance

the icon is by __iiicons
i don't understand that reference
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i need help :3

I need help :( i want to do something like this. I don't understand the Selective Color, so, if anyone could help me, thaaanks :3 i'll love you >3 (ok no... xD)."

I don't have the originals, but you can found here some images of this anime:

And also, this :(

sorry but i'm new here :)

EDIT: i use photoshop CS :)

Manipulation tutorials?

I was looking for a few of these not just for icons but namely larger graphics. I've been seeing them around GJ more and more and I've become addicted from afar and want to learn how to do them! Can anyone direct me to any manipulation tutorials which include but not limited to, maybe, transferring people from one picture to another, changing faces, etc. Some examples of what I'm looking for can be found here:

I saw a few REALLY great ones on GJ... these ones HERE and HERE and HERE.

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hi. i have two questions. first, is there anyway how to achieve the "automatic saturation enhancement" effect in photoshop? if so, please tell me how. & i have one coloring question.

how to achieve this coloring:

by iiicon 
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thanks for any help! 


My first question

I've just used a falling snow tut over a color photo, in ImageReady via PS CS2...yet when I go to view it before saving it, the icon shows black and white!? I have not run into this problem before, and I'm not sure what's going on or how to fix it. Any ideas?

***EDIT*** I haven't figured out the issue with using the gif or psd, but I did get it to work by saving each layer as it's own picture, and then layering it myself. Thanks everyone! MUAH