December 15th, 2007


1. tutorial

My very first tutorial. I know it is pretty simple, but I really like the outcome. Especially for those greenish Harry Potter caps ;)

We go from: this to

Involves Color Balance. No Selective Coloring or Curves.Sould be translatable.

HERE  at my journal. Enjoy.


Sigh. I have a question, and though it's frequently asked, I can't seem to find the entry. I hit the "Go earlier" button until it disappeared T_T;. I apologize ahead of time, I restored my computer and lost a lot of favorites and apparently I didn't fav it on my other computer while using it.

I'm looking for the tutorial...for this icon (that I don't even have a picture of); it's basically almost like a swirly light texture. Only the circular center part is a clear image, the rest of the background is curved elegantly around the center image.

Could anyone help me find a few tuts. for this? I'm really sorry.
[jm] :)

popart tutorial!

So at 10variations, one of the challenges was to make the icon look like popart. I had some trouble making it actually look like popart, since my canvas could only be 100x100 pixels, so I just changed the four different parts of the icon into four different poparty colors.

-made in PS7
-selective coloring! That's pretty much ALL this tutorial is!
-includes quick layer mask tutorial
-includes quick gray background behind text in icon tutorial.
-with PSD!

DIFFICULTY: advanced easy. there's a few things i don't explain, but for the most part you could pick this up with little knowledge of photoshop.



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