December 19th, 2007

  • orbmur

Outlining text

I'm using PSPX.

I've been having a problem with outlining text. I've been following this tutorial. I followed the directions very carefully and made sure everything looked the same in the pictures. Whenever I try to paste it as a new selection, I always get white text on a white background without a black outline. I've done this before and it was fine...but now it doesn't seem to be working.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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Help: Snow Globe Icon tuts?


Anyone know of any tutorials to make Snow Globe icons? I checked around but didn't see any. I've always thought they'd look cool but they came out looking more like psychic crystal balls than snow globes. lol

Here's what I could do:

If anyone knows of a tut, or if someone has tips on how to make them better, I'd appreciate it lots! I use PSP7/AS. I have IR but don't know my way around it.

Thank you. 

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Paintshop Pro XI Problem

I've been a PSP user for a couple of years now, and I have never encountered the problem that I have currently ran into. Oh, I checked the memories, other help resources both with the program and online, and can't seem to find an answer.

When I want to edit a picture, a hand comes up - and won't let me erase, move, or crop an amage. It's incredibly irrating, seeing as I can't figure out how to get rid of it. When I looked around, it said the hand was used for zooming or image mapping, but it won't let me get rid of it.

Sorry, if this doesn't belong here - I just didn't know where else to post this. Any help would be appreciated.
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Can some one please direct me towards a tutorial for this image or can someone make one. I really like the textures and the movement. Its from the new ipod advertisments. Thanks!
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  • _trendi

Brownish colouring

I've been seeing this sort of brownish colouring around, like on this icon by neversleeps:

I've been trying to achieve the effect, but I haven't been able to. Does anyone have any suggestions or links to tutorials in which you can achieve something similar?

I'm happy for any help I get, thanks in advance! :)
  • chizuo


Hello I'm interested in this coloring:

The only thing I can realize is, that the person who made it uses Gaussian blur but what else??

I use Photoshop 7.0 and Paint Shop Pro 9.0
Hope you can help me