December 21st, 2007

TV - D: They taped over your mouth

Help with coloring

I am trying to make icons from the Tomb Raider movie and the caps are incredibly dark. I am trying to brighten the image but without it looking washed out. This is the closest that I have gotten:

From: Image Hosted by To: Image Hosted by

But I am hoping for something that looks, well, better. Any suggestions?
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Tutorial #6

The results from my 4th tutorial proved that there aren't alot of dark screencap tutorials so I decided to make another one. Here it is, featuring Mr. and Mrs. Dan Humphrey!

[Included step-by-step pictures!]

We're going from

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Hi there,

Anyone know a tutorial on a certain icon? I don't have a particular icon, but here's what it kinda looks like

Wherein the back part is sometimes in black in white and the one round is colored?

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Icon Sharpening/Clarity

Hi! Now I've looked through the memories about this. But most of the tutorials I find either confuse me some more or tell me something I already know. Or aren't even for the same program I'm on. (And I know that just playing around with effects is the easiest way to learn) I've been trying for ages to get a clear icons without making them too sharpened. I'm trying to find a way closer to these for example:

Also I find that with regular images sharpening is much easier, but especially with TV caps, sharpening is so much harder. I've tried different levels of sharpening. I don't know why I can't figure this out, as it's been bugging me a lot lately. :) If you know of any effective tutorials, or any ideas. I'm using Photoshop CS. Sorry this is probably one of the most over used questions. But I would really appreciate the help!

Thank you in advance!