December 22nd, 2007

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seungri tutorial^___^

okies, my first tutorial! this time we'll be going...
..from  to 

this tutorial has 9 steps.
it also includes selective coloring, curves etc.
made with Adobe Photoshop CS2

HERE @ my journal

merry christmas everyone!~
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Cartoon me // Cartoon made by Nicky Rutt


I'm having problems with my ImageReady =[ Idk whats going on but here's the problem :

I seethis with the snow falling, when I'm on IR  : but whenever I save it I get this : 

Anyone can help me? =[ It's one of my xmas icons =[ I've been working hard on it =/ If someone could help me, I'll be super happy =D
EDIT : Problem solved! Thanks to everyone that helped =D

Animation Question

Alright, I've checked the memories, but nothing I am reading is making sense.

I am using Image Ready 7.0.

I want to make a graphic in which the picture stays the same throughout, but the text changes(And there are several frames of text). I want to picture to stay stationary though.

The solution is probably something simple, but I am so clueless. I am thinking it has something to do with tweening, but I dunno!

Can anyone help?