December 26th, 2007

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My Photoshop is being very strange....

I am currently using (it hasn't changed since last time xD) PS 7.0, for... iunno a few months now & I've never come across a problem like this. The scratch disks are one thing but this... it's really strange.

I had Photoshop open, but my internet decided to be all funky and kind of froze so I restarted. I didn't open PS again until a little later, from what I recall it worked just fine but I THINK I switched the power switch off while it(the computer + PS) was on. Didn't think much of it, I always do that when something funky happens. I tried to open PS and what happened was this:
It started up just fine but when it finished checking for everything it just vanished from my taskbar & didn't even open. No message of what was wrong, no nothing.

I restarted my computer, I reinstalled it, I even went through ImageReady, it just won't open. ImageReady will... but PS is just being all funky.

Maybe I messed it up with all the ons and offs? Iunno.... I'm smart with computers when you compare me to my family but on this kinda stuff.... I'm clueless.
Any help is greatly appreciated btw :)
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Questions about mini movie icons.

Program: Paintshop Pro 9 and Animation Shop 3

I'm going to try and be as specific and clear as possible so as not to cause confusion.

I know how to make animated icons (thanks to this community), and I know that the Optimization Wizard helps lower the size of my icon but I can never have more than 8 frames in my animation because then it becomes too large for livejournal. Here are my questions about reducing the size:

1. Does adding textures, coloring the image, text ect. add to the size of the animation? Would it be better just to leave the image in it's original color versus adding color layers, curves ect? 

2. Would it minimize the size of the overall animation if I saved each individual frame as a .png, .jpeg, and/or .gif and then used the Animation Wizard to make my icon instead of just using Copy Merged (ctrl + shift + C) on Paintshop and then Pasting into selected frame (ctrl + E) on Animation Shop?

3. Am I putting in too many unnecessary frames to make the icon (refer to my icon below the cut)?

4. Or is each animation program different, does Image Ready have features that Animation Shop doesn't?

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What am I doing (if anything) that's making my animations too large?
*forgot who made this D:

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effect1base.png image by xpredilictionx to effect1result.png image by xpredilictionx

*This doesn't work on all pictures, adjust settings to your liking.
*Works best with pinkish/violet-like skin tones.
*Made in PS CS3; Involves:  Levels, Color Balance, Channel Mixer, and Selective Coloring
*Alternative to Selective Coloring is included; done with Curves.

*More examples inside. 


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Photoshop problem

I dunno if this is the right place to post this but anyways..
I have this Photoshop problem and i'd be VERY grateful if you have a solution. When I want to open my Photoshop 7.0 it starts normally and then it closes itself. It says Loading plugins. I deleted it form my Comp and installed it again but it's still the same. And nope, I don't have a virus. Atleast I think so. I had the same problem with Imageready and then it worked normally after a day or two. Do you know how I can fix this? please help me! =[[