January 2nd, 2008

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Fixing Picture Help

Hi, I was in the middle of making a graphic (I know, stupid I didn't notice before, right?) and realized that the next picture need to be fixed. However despite my best attempts to fix the image, it still looked bad. What's wrong with the image you ask? Well when blown up to full size, the image has tiny but still noticeable lines repeatedly through it. How ndo I get rid of them without blurring the image to irrecongizable shapes?

Oh, haha, I forgot to show you all one of the images.

Here it is:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Capped by DJ_capslock.

How do I fix it in ImageReady? I have several like this that I need to fix and can't figure it out.


bsg → call me god


Hello all! First of all, happy new year everyone :D

So, I've been searching for a good mini-movie tutorial, and I've searched through the memories, but some of them are outdated and don't have the pictures to really guide you through the whole thing.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any good tut that shows you how to make a mini-movie icon? I'm really knew to this type of icon making, so the more basic the better :D I'd really appreciate ANY help.

Thank you!

rob water for elephants lean on elbow

Hi, I have a quick question about fonts in icons?

Hi, I have a quick question about fonts in icons? I have both PSP7 and Photoshop CS and I have installed fonts plenty times that work great on other programs. And sometimes when I am making icons though, they'll work, and then suddenly I will try to use the same font later and it'll shut my program down... But like I said they work fine in other programs... What do I do to fix this? Thanks.

Tiny Box Help

I was poking around different LJ communities this afternoon when I came across a cute Kermit the Frog icon from Muppets Christmas Carol being used by someone. The icon is from raptureicons and has some nice tiny text next to a series of small boxes. I like the look of the two put together and would like to try it out for myself. However, I'm a bit uncertain as to what size those tiny boxes could be. Can anyone tell what size they might be?

Here's the icon I saw for reference:

Animated Icons

I need some help.
I'm trying to make animated icons using Imageready. When i save the icon, the product is a lot slower than what i see on the canvas in Imageready.

Is there anyway i can fix that?
demi :)


okay, here it goes, I'm trying to find a coloring, I've tied a lot of tuts but none give me the same effect as in this picture!
You know, the kind of brown-ish effect on the skin...
If anyone could tell me where I can find a tutorial that teaches me how to do this effect, I would appreciate it!
Thank you in advance