January 3rd, 2008



I have a picture that I'd like to make an icon from, but theres a shadow on one side of the face and no matter what coloring I try doing the shadowed part of her face ends up really dark and just doesn't look good. 

Does anyone know how to get rid of shadows or make them less noticeable? I use PS CS2.
Thanks in advance :]
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PSP 8 error

I use Paint Shop Pro 8, and just recently, whenever I open the program, I get the following error message (screencap under the cut):

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It doesn't seem to affect anything I need to do on the program itself, but as I've never seen it before and I have to click away from it now every time I open the program, I'm hoping someone here can let me know what this is and how I can resolve it. Thanks!

Rita Skeeter Tutorial

I originally posted this in hp_tutorials but I don't think anyone was getting much use from it there, so here we go ^_^ This was my first ever tut so I've gone back and tweeked a few things.

Going from this  to this  in just five short steps.

~Made in Photoshop Elements 5.0, so DEFINITELY translatable
~Made only using layers and textures

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Superbad Coloring

Another tutorial :D

Going from  to

~Made in PSP using Curves and Color Balance
~Should be translatable into Photoshop, as long as you have those adjustment options
~Made for beginners who are just learning curves, so bear with me!
~Slightly image heavy

 Find it HERE at my icon community danceonstars
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Coloring tutorial.

Hi ! I'm quite new to this community and this is my first tutorial. I hope you find it useful.

* not translatable. ( photoshop )
* levels, selective coloring.
* six steps.
* follow the link.

< HERE >
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Anime/Manga/Cartoon Tutorial List

Just about a year ago I made a HUGE Anime/Manga/Cartoon Tutorial List
I just updated it so check it out...
it is split into three parts, so far, with Part One and Two have 200 tutorials and Part Three was 150.
not dial-up friendly, and I didn't make any of these.
please comment if you take a look, it makes me happy to hear that I didn't do this for nothing XD

xxdarzie's HUGE Anime/Manga/Cartoon Tutorial List

(Part Two)
(Part Three)

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I am having trouble resizing huge pictures so that I can make 100 x 100 icons. I have already looked in the archives and when I try to follow the tutorial, I still end up with the picture being either too big or too small. I feel like an idiot lol, so can someone please explain to me how to resize big pics? That would be greatly appreciated!

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Photoshop Problem

This is my first time posting here and I dont know if this is the right place, but I have a photoshop problem that I hope that someone can help me with. When I`m trying install photoshop cs2, I get an error message. I dont know what I`m doing wrong, because when I installed it on my PC it worked perfectly. I just bought a new laptop and that is where I`m trying install it now. I have Vista on my laptop, could that be the problem? I dont have Vista on my PC. Anyways, I have a screen cap of the error message that I get when I open photoshop.

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I hope that someone can help me. Thanks in advance.
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Windows vista :$

Um I don't know if it's okay to ask this here but anyway. Which version of Photoshop can be installed in a computer with Windows Vista? I got a laptop as a gift, and it has Vista. I was used to make graphics using Paint Shop Pro 7 and Photoshop CS2 but I don't know if they will work properly on Vista :/

Somebody knows about it? Thanks :)