January 4th, 2008

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Heroes Tutorial

Get this: HROS-TheAllieCatPaws-03.png image by JateIsFate22 From this: 001.png image by JateIsFate22 in fifteen steps.

Program: Photoshop 7
Involves: Channel mixer, levels, colour layers, curves, hue/saturation and selective colour.

Click here :)
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Fresh/Funny Blends

Hi again dear community!! :D
Do u have any good tutorial to make fresh and funny blends??
Im looking for something with many colors, decorations ...
Thx in advance

**If u post your favourite blend tutorials is also appreciate**

Tut searching help

Hi. There is a tutorial I'm looking for, and I thought it was by someone named _darkestdreams, but it says there's no one by that name. It's of a coloring similar to this:


Any help would be greatly appreciated! *bows*

Also, it might have been posted here before, but I honestly can't remember when. And again, thanks for any help!
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Texture Tutorial

I like having a bunch of textures on hand, in case I'm working on an icon and it feels like it needs a little extra color. I prefer to make textures and brushes on my own (that way I don't need to worry about adding a note about credit to brushmakers when I enter icontests... ^_^) and I thought other people might be interested in a quick tutorial on texture-making.

Program: Photoshop 7, generally translatable
Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: Basic knowledge of Photoshop

( Follow the fake cut! )
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tutorial #3

OK, today we'll do from this to Photobucket

I did with this tuto many & many icons, I thinks it's really simple and beatiful
Requested by threeeyespei princesslaurina
Made in PS CS
Just 7 step

Rules & Notes:
[-] if you like this tut, comment please, it make me happy ^__^
[--] if something don't come out just ask me
[---] don't take this icons and tut as your own
[----] if you like this and other tuts, you are really welcome to friend me ;)

"Let's see what WE have.."

Other examples with the SIMILAR coloring:


Hi, I'm really having trouble finding a tutorial to turn really dull, monochromatic images, such as this one:  
into a bright, colourful one. (I cropped it myself, wee!)

I'm new to Photoshop & I've got an older version too so it's harder to work our. I prefer Paintshop Pro but I don't think I'll find a very good tutorial for what I'm looking for.

I use PSPX & PS6. Please help, I've been looking for a tutorial like this ever since I saw Sweeney Todd pictures like this. (Tim Burton had to make it one-toned!)
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