January 8th, 2008



I was trying to work in CS2 today with the eraser tool and for some reason instead of erasing it is painting black or white over the picture. I know that I have it on eraser. I have restarted CS2 a few times and it keeps doing it. Any idea on how to fix it?
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Nothings Working

I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0, and up until recently it has worked very well. 

But now, all of the sudden, I cannot get past the "Welcome" screen. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the program, but it keeps having the same problems.

Apparently the company doesn't even make this program anymore. I've called customer service, but it would cost me money I dont have to do troubleshooting with them.

Do you know if there's anyway to save my program? Or is it dead in the water? 

Bright blue/ orange coloring

I'm looking for some bright blue/orange ( with no red/magenta and not too much of cian) coloring tutorial for PS. I forgot to memorize it and now I've lost it :(
The coloring is similar to what I've made on this icon: Photobucket But I can't remember HOW! :D
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I'm going crazy here trying to find out whats wrong with my photoshop, it's only a small problem but it is seriously driving me nuts! And here it is:

When I use the text tool I'm able to write the text but I can't edit it afterwards, I can't highlight it, I can't delete letters, change the font, size, etc. I can't do anything! I'm not even able to highlight it. All I can do it move it and add layers styles.

Anybody got ideas as to how I can solve this or what caused it?
I use Photoshop CS and I've already restarted both photoshop and my computer and it hasn't helped.

Any ideas will be appreciated =]
thanks in advance
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Cursor problem!

I've had this problem with my PS 7.0 for a little while and seemed to just appear out of nowhere. 

I open a few file to make for example an icon, it opens it okay and all but my cursor, which is supposed to be an arrow, is a hand as if I'm using the hand tool. Except that I'm not. And it won't let me change it to another tool or do anything else for that matter. 

The weirdest thing about it is that when I'm trying to figure out (like browsing the PS help website) what's causing this, it disappears on its own. But it happens again if I open a new file. Today, it didn't want to disappear like it usually does and it was about to drive me mad. 

Has anyone had this problem before?