January 9th, 2008

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i just got adobe photoshop cs2 a little bit ago, and i still haven't figured out how to copy and paste an image within photoshop. in the edit option, all of the clipboard options are greyed out. i've figured out a way around this for now, but it's a little annoying and complicated.

how do i fix this and particularily "copy merged"?
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Sorry to post this entry again, it´s because it was deleted, I am really sorry for don´t edit my entry ,its beacause I didn´t notice about that until i checked my e-mail a few minutes ago, I have to apologize for don´t read the rules  ^^

Go from this:
to this:

-Made In PSCS2
-Transbalable, No selective color =)
-PSD include

Here at freedom_icons
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I forgot to backup my links when I installed Vista and I've been searching for a specific site ever since.

Originally I found a masking tutorial on making a John Lennon banner in a tut list here on LJ and the tutorial linked to a site with lots of other (private) tutorials.

It's a wonderful site and I'd be grateful if anyone has any clue as to what the link is.