January 12th, 2008

whole picture effect.

(click to enlarge.)

how can i get a sharp effect like above on the picture, rather than it looking like a sharp mess,

and the bright colours?

just more or less how can i get a picture to come out like that?

colour, sharpness, strong eye technique,

any tutorials?

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Tutorial search

I was wondering if anyone knew of any good tutorials on good icon techniques? I don't mean colourings I can do them myself but I'm looking for ways to finish icons and make them stand out e.g use of textures, brushes, text, etc. I'm looking for good and effective methods.

I hope I'm making sense, if not I'll try exaplin it better
btw I use Photoshop CS 


hi everyone.
i made a background inspired by brasaremean's http://community.livejournal.com/_sinelinea/14870.html

Collapse )
i was having some trouble blending the grass and gravel together, if anyone could tell me what i could do or help me fix it that would be great. thank you so much!

this is a .jpg version. for some reason my computer isn't letting me save it as a .png, as i always do. if anyone knows anything about that issue, that would be awesome too.

p.s. i know this isn't an icon but i figured the people here could help me.
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okay well this might come across as a stupid question, but i just wana know if theres a way around this.

i was using the selective colouring option on an image a bit ago, and like i normally do i flattened the image because i thought i wouldn't need to go back for anything, but as usual i did for something :/
i need to go back and find out the numbers and options i did for the selective colouring, but since i flattened the image, i don't think i can?

any way around this?


ps: i use photoshop 7.0