January 14th, 2008

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black and white images

Does anyone have any tips or tutorials about how to make a black and white image look as good as it can?? (I'm using photoshop)


ETA: I'm not talking about changing a coloured image into black and white, but ways to improve the look and quality of an image that is already black and white. Cheers.
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Magic wand arrogant! Help!

I want to make a collage thingy! and I'm not good at the pen tool! so I wanted to use the wand tool!
So how do I just select the person without selecting anything else? and are my setting correct? and after I select him do I click invert?

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Quick Mask Rounded Corners

I'm trying to use this rounded corner tutorial and it's not working. I've used it before with no problem, but for some reason it won't work for me now. Very frustrating.

I have Photoshop CS2

I go into quick mask, make my selection, but how do I get it to select the border part so I can delete it? I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Please help me if you can.


OK I've been looking around but I haven't exactly been able to get my question answered.

I'm using PS CS3 extended and I know you can make animation icons with caps in it, but can you make them by some how loading a small clip into CS3? Sorry, I'm fairly new with CS3 extended.

If so, are there any good (idiot proof) tutorials floating around that anyone would like to share?

Thank you so much in advance. I never post unless I can't find what I am looking for.
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Animation question

Hey guys, i have a question about making one kind of animation.
I made an example:

Is there a way to do this typing without making new text layers with only one letter because this is the way i did it.
I work with ImageReady ^^