January 17th, 2008



I want to know how to do things like this. I use jasc psp8. Also, do you guys know livejournal sites that feature these types of animation art?
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IR: Mini-Movie Speed


I have a little question regarding mini-movies - I work with ImageReady by the way. While I can make them, their speed considerably slows down when I upload it. :(

See what I mean?

Can anyone help me out of this? I've browsed the memories, but there's nothing on IR.

Thanks in advance,

- Ness.


Hi! I figured how to make it faster.

Instead of putting "No Delay", try using 0,08 or any other number you feel it suits the speed better. It's time to say, "D'oh!". So that you can compare speed, here it is the same icon, but faster:

The difference is subtle in this one, but when you're a dork like me, you'll enjoy it. It might help with other type of icons, though. :)

Good work!
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Color Funkiness

Okay, I really need your help. I poked through the memories and didn't find anything related - soso sorry if it's there and I missed it.

Here's my problem:

The colors on my PS are weird. I was working with only black, but the icon had a reddish tint to it, until I saved it.

Also, I was making a texture, it was purple. When I went to save for web and it was blue. I did CTrl+Shift+K and turned the colour setting things to off, but no luck.

Help! How do I make this work again?
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PSP9 Tutorial

• I use PSP9. Should be translatable, to other versions of PSP anyway. PS users may be able to translate except for the author's notes.
• Semi-image heavy.
• Text Heavy.
• Intermediate-Advance. (Color Balance, Curves, Hue/Sat, and I talk about Automatic Color Balance at the end).
• Any questions? Please ask!


Other Example:

Found HERE @ likedejavu.