January 19th, 2008


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Okay, icon_tutorial, I have a problem.

I made an animation in Adobe ImageReady, but I can't save it as a .GIF file. I went to the memories and it said to used 'save optimized as', but it only has .HTML and .PNG options. I know it's not a problem with the file size being too big, because it says it's only 9 kb. Is there any way I can save it as a .GIF?

Thanks in advance!
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Angela Aki icon tutorial!

I'm very new in this tutorial thing. When I first started using Photoshop (2-3 years ago), I just saved all the textures and brushes without crediting them. I'm so sorry! So, I really don't know who to credit. Please tell me who made them if you know! Then I'll edit my post. Please! I'm so sorry!! ='(

So, here's my 1st tutorial. I hope you all will like it! =)

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ps cs2 color settings

what are your ps cs2 color settings [edit > color settings]. mine are obviously wrong. everything comes up a rusty color no matter what. i try to open up a white canvas, but its beige.


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transparency in PSP9

Recently I acquired a few images with transparent backgrounds that I was going to use for an icon batch. Usually when I work with transparent backgrounds the image will open up without a background at all (like it should), but these images open up with black backgrounds instead, like extractable PNGs. I've used PSP9 for a few years now but still can't figure out how to fix this problem, and I've finally decided it is important enough this time to ask for assistance.
I wouldn't mind if they opened with white backgrounds but I can't work with black, and my magic wand tool isn't helping extract it. Also, the images in question have quite a bit of black in them already so setting a palette transparency isn't working either. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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PowerDVD 6

Hi! I've been having some trouble with PowerDVD 6, and I was wondering if anyone could help me out?

After I've made screencaps from DVDs, and make sure they've gone into the right file and everything, when I try to open them in PhotoShop CS2 I get this;

I thought maybe it was because there was something wrong with the files being in .JPEG format, so I changed them to .PNG and got this when I tried again;

So now I'm not sure what to do, I'm afraid. Sorry to bother anyone with this; I'm quite familiar with the programme, as I've used it before but I'm not sure how to fix this.
Thank you in advance for any help anyone can offer!

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Sorry for posting this again.
I tried and tried to make the picture like this but i couldn't get it.
I played with the neutrals but i couldn't get it somehow it turned more greener.
this is the original here
heres the one the girl made
oh and this one too

if you can be nice and help me or make a tutorial or something that would be very helpful for me :)