January 20th, 2008

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I guess I could ask this here, because I need some help with my icon-making... In a way.

Anyways, I crop my images in imageready with the selection tool. So today, I opened it up, and instead of seeing a selection tool, I saw a freakin' lasso tool. How can I solve this?

EDIT: Problem solved.

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Okay, I made these icons a long long time ago.
Recently, a few people asked me about the coloring in them.
Problem is, I don't remember if I used a tutorial to make them or not.
I've been searching for something similar to recreate them, but nothing ever turns out right.

Here they are:

1. 2.

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Any help at all in finding a similar coloring, or someone writing something up for me would be amazing.
Thanks guys!
picard crusher

my mojo is back!

 All I needed was to be inspired by some really hot guys. Thank you to the people on my friend's list that pointed me to the future subjects of my graphics. I'm going to start off with a Tom Welling tutorial for all of you. Later you should see some graphics with the actors suggested.

 NOTE: The actual images in the tut will be 300x450 px. This involves selective coloring, brightness/contrast, and a channel mixer and was made in Photoshop CS3.

Going from  to

Follow me into the Neverwood to see the tut...



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Done in CS 2. Used SC, Color Balance, Gradient Maps and color layers to color the pictures. Apart from SC, it is translatable to other programs. Image heavy so not realy dial up friendly.

Requested by summerstar18

Make a graphic like this

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I need help!

I figured this was the best community to ask this.
So I use Imageready all the time to make icons, but now randomly out of nowhere, none of the video files I open in Imageready seem to work. They load fine, but they're completely black.
It's rather annoying and even reinstalling it hasn't helped.

I can't make gifs now :(

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i have 36 screencaps that i am using for an animation.
my question is this: i want to adjust the coloring of each
screencap, but i don't want to do it one by one. is there a
way where you can select all the layers and do the same
thing to all the layers at once?
i have gimp.

if this isn't in the right place, sorry. l: