January 21st, 2008

[actor] dc. pink shades


Does anyone know how to get these three colorings?

I have no idea who made them, but they're very lovely!
I just saw them, flailed, saved, flailed some more and left.
I think I was just all amazed by the work, that the name of the maker totally slipped. ><;
Anyway, any help would be fantastic!^^

Stock Images?

I know where to get them from. My question is: Using images from corbis, veer, alamy, sxc, [the royalty free images]. Do you have to pay to get them legally? I see icon base packs, and they say "image from [here]."

Erm... help? I don't want to get sued for using anything I'm not supposed to.

Thanks in advance!
Zachary Quinto

Fancy-looking icons/avatars in PSP XI

I've been using PSP XI for about a year now, and some of my avatars look good but for the most part they're, well...meh.  I see so many great icons online and I'm wondering if maybe they look so good because they were done in Photoshop, or if it's possible to do it with my program.

If you go into my userpics section, you'll see most of the avatars I've made.  My main problem is making the text look good at such a small size.

Here's an example of what I'd like to be able to accomplish with avatar-making (uploaded to my photobucket):


If you know what I could be doing to make these fancy icons, let me know :)
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acc [you&#39;ll come back when it&#39;s over]

new tutorial

Go from Photobucket to Photobucket in ten hopefully easy steps!

Made in Photoshop CS2, uses two selective coloring layers. I'm writing this assuming you know the basics of cropping, sharpening, blending modes, etc.

See the tutorial here at cheesecake_icon.

Other icons made with this technique or some variation of it: Collapse )
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