January 26th, 2008

Help DX

hello n_n
I'm looking for tutorials for the following things:
cg manga scans
Color effects (that would look good on manga scan)
How to make Pixels Dolls
Animating pixels

I have photoshop cs
Thanks in advance for anyone who can help ^^;

movies: avengers: oh captain
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This is a post that goes through some of my general tips and tricks for icon making. Some of the categories covered are: cropping, coloring, textures and resources. It will be added to as time goes on and has been updated from the previous version posted at my old iconing community.

here @ morbid_girls
Zachary Quinto

My first ever Tutorial post

So please keep in mind that though I'm used to following others' directions, this is one of the first times fiddling around on my own and coming up with something I think is good enough to post here.  Please don't hurt me if you don't like it >.<;

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crown - hitomi

Line me up!

Ever see those wicked awesome lines on icons making a outline on a person and wonder where they came from?

Well the mistery have been blown open with this tutorial that I made for request for lynnelegant, on how to add thrify lines to a icon or header when she noticed it on my livejournal header.

*NOTE, this tutorial is done with me using a header instead of an icon, but can still be easily transfered over.

This tutorial is made with photoshop CS

(cut to my icon journal)