January 30th, 2008


The Patriot

Hey, haven't posted in a while.
I was wondering if anybody knows who made this icon or if there is a tutorial for it.
Here's the icon:

Here's the original image if someone has an idea:

I use Paintshop Pro X & Photoshop 6,
most PS tutorials are translatable.

Thanks in advance. Peace <3.
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disney ♪ mermaid sketch

(no subject)

So I created this effect on the website Picnik and it's called Duo-tone.

It's only offered to premium users, and I didn't want to upgrade my account because I figured I could achieve this effect or something like it in Photoshop. So I googled Duo-Tone Tutorial Photoshop and found that you can do this in Photoshop. But when I do it, I can't pick custom colors, just colors already provided. So, I picked the color closest to that yellow and my image turned out like this.

So does anyone know how to get the original effect (the Picnik effect)?

Thanks if you can help me!

P.S. No offense or anything (I don't mean to be rude), but I really don't care if you like the effect or not. If you know how to do it, then it would be nice to tell me. If you don't, then you don't need to comment.

Orange Image

Hey again, sorry I'm such a pain but I have to enter this icon comp. & my image is REALLY orange.

Here it is:

I'd like to get it looking something like this:

or this:

Preferably something like the second one. I use PSPX & PS6

Thank-you in advance.
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I need help

I tried sometimes to get this picture lightly coloured, but I wasn't so satisfied with the results.
Someone have a colouring tutorial to this?

I use Photoshop CS3.

Sorry my poor English and thanks so much!
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tw; isaac

Comic Book Effect in Photoshop.

I'm trying to do a comic book effect and after looking in the memories here and googling I did find this
but it doesn't work exactly for the image I'm trying to use it on, and because that doesn't really explain what each effect does I can't work out how to get it working for my image. I've messed about with it for ages and it's starting to get frustrating, is there a tutorial for a comic book effect that actually explains why you do each step, or can anyone explain it to me?

I've a Mac and PSCS 2.

Pen tutorial

I searched through the FAQs and the archives and didn't find anything.

I want to learn how to use the pen tool to make icons like this:

I tried but whenever I draw with the pen, nothing ever shows up on my icon :(

Can anyone point me towards some good tutorials?
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Jaggedy resizing

Me again :/ I'm ready to throw PSP8 against a wall...

Previously I have been resizing images no problem as you can see it has been resizing fine

Now, suddenly no matter what size, no matter what picture it resizes like this!

I've obviously touched something (not intentionally) and even restoring factory settings hasn't helped.

Can anyone help?

My First Tutorial

Hey i'm posting my first tutorial (featuring scenes from the notebook)
Using Adobe Photoshop CS2. hope you guys like it. Works best with
images similar to dark, dull pictures like the example.. remember
results my vary depending on what picture you choose.. So play around
with the settings in the tutorial
  Before After

Involves: Curves and Selective color
Translatable: No, only PS Users sorry

Get the Tutorial@ my Journal  (Here)
-- if you like it, friend me, mem it, do what u want lol
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Very First Post!

Hey everyone! Okay, my first post on this community. I hope you like it =)


The image is a litte bright, so you might want to add a screen layer or something before starting. Enjoy! *(Yeah, I'll try to add a cool layout to my livejournal or something, but for now, it'll just be black and white text. Sorry. xD)

Get it HERE.
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