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I made this icon last week and the file size is 5.61 kb.
Then today I made this icon and the file size is like, 55.2 kb (and unusable for LJ.)

As you can see, the icons are basically the same, so does anyone know what setting is causing this, and how I can fix it? Help is MASSIVLEY appreciated. Thanks.
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Icon Tutorial: Kristen Bell

From  to

Level of Difficulty: Moderate-Hard (depending on how skilled you are with the eraser tool :P)
Tools Used: Hue/Saturation/Lightness, Selective Colour, Eraser

Note: This tutorial was written for Photoshop users, and is not translatable.

View tutorial HERE
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Stuck on hand tool?

I opened Photoshop and none of my tools were working and the cursor is the hand tool. I can't restart my computer because I have an important file downloading and if I restart, I'll lose it. So can I do anything other than restarting to get my program back to normal. I tried closing it and opening it again and nothing.

sharpening in CS

I've just switched from GIMP to Photoshop CS and I've got the hang of pretty much everything but there's just one small problem...

How do you change the amount it sharpens the image?

Because when I click sharpen it sharpens them too much, the same with sharpen edges...

So is there any way of changing the value?

Any help is much appreciated =)

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my #4 tutorial : Kristen Bell (english and portuguese)

#4 tutorial : Kristen Bell (english and portuguese)
We're transforming this: to this: or this: on photoshop CS.
This one is pretty easy to make and you can change it to get a better result if you like, it worked pretty well in every image I tried.

*this time I wrote the tutorial in 2 different languages, portuguese and english, enjoy :D

HERE at who_lovesyou
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Tutorial #5

Turn  into .

Using PSCS2.
Not translatable; involves Selective Colors.
Intermediate level tutorial, I think.
Works best on bright icons w/ a lot of white. (Feel free to try it on other kinds of pictures?)

Collapse )

I really hope this was helpful in some way. If you have any questions/comments, please let me know. I hope this made sense :)

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I have PS7. Every time I go to get a HQ image, or am just looking for images, OR when I go to save something I've made, PS decides to close. This has gotten very frustrating!
Please help me asap. Thanks in advance =)
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Tut for Yellowy Skin

Sometimes, caps are just too darn dull and yellow and you can't make the skin turn out well. Well, here's something to try next time that happens to you. Examples of caps at the post.
Go from this:
also makes this:

Made with CS2. NO SELECTIVE COLORING. Presumably translatable. 7 steps.
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