February 6th, 2008


I havent seen this and I think i can post this here if not im sorry dont hate me!

but does anyone know how to do this glow effect?

✪ a sky streaked


Okay, so. I have a question.

Say I make an icon in my lovely Photoshop CS3 on my Mac OS X, and in Photoshop it's pretty and vibrant and how I want it to look. But then the instant I try to upload it to Photobucket, it loses saturation. I am saving my icons as .png, so what's going on? There's something I need to deal with in Photoshop itself, right? Or what?

This computer's new, so the Photoshop is too, although I've been using the program on my old computer for a long time. I didn't have this problem before I got this computer... can anyone help me?

Thanks so much, you guys, in advance. :)

EDIT: Problem solved. Booya!
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3 tutorials

Okay I have three tutorials for you, today you can learn how to make these:

1. 2. 3.

1- includes selective colour, hue/sat and colour balance
2- includes levels and colour balance
3- includes fill layers, levels, hue/sat and selective colour  

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