February 8th, 2008

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How would I go about getting a similar pink coloring?
(along with the good contrast, etc..)

all by calikalie.

My laptop with my Photoshop is currently being fixed, so I don't have immediate access to try anything out, but any help to lead me in the right direction is appreciated! : )

Coloring Help

I found this picture on a site
Colored Image
and now I maganed to find the original image and tried to get a similar coloring
Original << the picture is pretty big
I can't get the coloring right though
I can't get it as bright and when I use too many selective coloring layers it gets too pixelated.
I use Photoshop CS2. I'm new at this though

could someone help me out? 
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by lolanicon.
Yes. I'd like to achieve this coloring. I know there must be some Luminance layer in there and probably Selective Coloring and Color Balance, but I can't get the right combination. I'm using PS 5.5. Thanks everyone!
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Hey everyone!

Just wanted to know if somebody is able to tell me how to get such colourings with animated icons (just the colouring, not the position or something, I already know how to do that ;) ). Examples here :

I use Image Ready and Photoshop CS
Thank you :)