February 9th, 2008

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Mod Post: Rules Reminder

Could everyone kindly read the rules, please?

This morning, on waking up, the first thing I did was delete over a half-dozen posts: "where can I find," links to locked journals, and various resource posts (*.psd and actions, without tutorials attached).

Don't do it! A tutorial TUTORS. It is not a recipe. It teaches someone how to do something, with the implication that there is also some "why" in there.

I am a cranky mod who has just now put the coffee on, so please don't make me delete any more posts today.

Thank you.

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I believe this is my first time asking for help rather than just browsing everyone's lovely tutorials, but I've been going for a few hours now and enough is enough. I've tried way too many tutorials here and going it alone hasn't proved much better.

So here I am.

I'm asking for a coloring similar to the icon I'm using right now (which I made but no matter how I fiddle I can't get this image to look even close). 

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Tutorial +PSD

I realize what a pain in the ass colouring House caps can be. I mean, they're not the worst the work with but they ARE dark and that can be a beyotch. Sooo, here's another House tutorial. I hope it helps!

How to go from house4x10_0381.jpg image by OperaticXingenue this to this house4x10_03812.png image by OperaticXingenue

*Uses selective colouring
*Involves Curves
*PSD included

Tutorial and psd H E R E @ the




the kills layour match

What's going wrong???

Hey everyone!!

I recently started making graphics on CS3 on my Mac, and they look fairly good I guess. When I'm done, I convert to JPEG to upload to photobucket, but when i do. I lose all my pretty coloring!!

Can some one help me to stop going from

this (Screenshot of Icon)  to This (Icon on Photobucket)



Everythings fixed now!!!


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I've decided to make a tutorial of my latest icon, which I'm very pleased with. Just be warned: it involves selective coloring, so it is non-translatable. I use PS CS2.

Today, we are going to go from this:

Here @ my journal!

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I recently got PSCS3 and I'm new to using it but i wanted to know how do i crop a picture to an icon size, I use to use Corel Draw Photo-Paint12 and that was pretty simple to use but PS is different and i cant seem to make the image fit into the icon size, Is there someone that has a tut on that,(I mean fitting in a whole image into the icon not just the large image.)

along with this kind of coloring for PSCS3

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