February 12th, 2008

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Photobucket > Photobucket

~ Works on most screencaps with a little tweaking.
~ Not translatable (Uses 1 SC layer =[)
~ 4 simple steps! (Don't get scared by all the writing!)
~ Need to know the basics of how PS works, especially with adjustment layers (I'm trying to explain as i go).

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Time to get magical!

Want to get this effect: Collapse )(image is under cut* with out using on brush or texture? Well I will teach
you how to do this without using a premade textures. We do this be using the pen tool. To many the pen tool and emeny to many. We dont use it because well, lets just face it brushes are better.

So make peace with your pen tool and lets add a bit of magic to your icons and graphics!

example of a icon :

this was made with photoshop CS

9cut to my graphic journal)

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I return with another request on how the colouring for the icons below were achieved.

(Unfortunately, I can't remember who made them at the moment)

If you could link me to a tutorial which will give me a similar effect, even better. I use Photoshop. Thanks!