February 13th, 2008

problem with saving as png file

I don't know what i did, but whenever I want to save a file as a png in photoshop, it's there but when i go to upload it on imageshack, etc, it won't upload. I checked the properties and it said 0 bytes. So basically, photoshop isn't saving anything. It was working fine earlier today, then I guess i did something and something changed.

Usually a little box appears after I click save and i don't remember what it says but it doesn't appear anymore. Can anybody help?? D:
Thank you!!
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Hey all,

I've got a few questions that to be quite honest embarass the crap out of me to ask. But oh well, I really need to know.

A little over a month ago I switched from PSP7 to CS2 9.0. Now, while I've got most everything figured out, there's a few really basic things that are beginning to frustrate the hell out of me because I just can't get them:

1] Rotating text - I know. One of the most basic actions of the program and I can't do it. Its gotten so bad that a lot of the time I save a copy of whatever I'm working on and transfer back over to PSP to put the text on.

2] Opening/using .abr files - a concept totally alien to me, so I miss out on A LOT of the good textures, brushes, gradients, everything by only being able to use .zip files and image packs.

3] Brush work - please don't make me say anymore than I have no idea how to install the brushes, maintain their original size and be able to use as a stamp. [Make sense?]

Kay, that was thoroughly embarassing. I'm gonna go over and sit in the corner now..
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GIMP Tutorial: using the "Oilify" function

There's a trend these days to use very sharp, crisp bases and colorfully enchance them, but sometimes it's fun to go in the opposite direction and make a crisp photograph or screencap look a bit more like a painting. Enter the "Oilify" function.

I created this tutorial using GIMP 2.4, but you should be able to carry the basic ideas across programs if you understand my reasoning. Please ask questions if you aren't clear about why I did something!

We're going to go from this:

To this:

Collapse )

I hope you find this helpful and enjoyable, and I'd love to see what everyone comes up with!