February 16th, 2008


Okay well I found this nice icon in a photobucket which means I don't know who the maker is, I have photoshop cs3
I want to know how to get this coloring?
the icon and the original
Thanks if you help
it doesn't have to be exactly like it I just want somewhat similar to it.
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How do I make lines around an object in PS CS3??
Or just like an outline around a person??
I don't have any examples, but I'm pretty sure you know what I mean.

edit: example Image and video hosting by TinyPic <<< like that, just a bit thinner and double lines overlapping eachother :)

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So, I'm somewhat good at Photoshop, but making icons isn't my forte. I usually just steal them, haha. But I want to start making them!
I was wondering.. how can I achieve something to this effect? (as in the cropping/border/etc):

Thank you in advance!
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FNL Cap Tutorials?

Hello there! I was wondering if anyone has any decent tutorials for caps for the show, "Friday Night Lights"? Here's some few good examples, but I'd like any good FNL cap tutorials! I mean ANY! It doesn't have to be like these, just anything good for the FNL caps. That would be great, thanks!


New question

About using ImageReady in PS CS2. I have seen a lot of people who have not just animated icons, but rather movie icons. So I tried to open one of my videos in ImageReady. One of the .mov files opened ok, but trying to time the capture right is difficult. It said I could open one of the .avi files, but when I tried, it opens, but it's just white.

Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

I thought maybe I should make it a smaller clip by using Movie Maker first, but couldn't get the .avi to open there.


Tutorial 4

Here's my Fourth tutorial!! I'm really proud of myself. :)
It goes a little something like this:

to this:

Made in Paint Shop Pro.
Uses Color Balance
Completely Translatable
In 3 Easy Steps.

Get it here at half_true
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There's a problem with my photoshop that really annoys me. Basically, I can't drag images into photoshop. I really want to be able to open my pictures folder and drag and drop into photoshop but when I try to the circle with the cross through it comes up :(
please help? thanks.
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SOOOOs, i like to use the same effect on icons alot and im really lazy :) so i really don't like opening one of my pspimages and doing the whole copy and paste thing to the other icon. Is there anyway i can like... speed this up, so that i just can be like "clickclickDONE"? I use PSPXI

hopefully this make sense, i know i can be a little... hard to understand