February 17th, 2008


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I've searched through the archives, but haven't been able to find a tut that helps me...I'm sure there's one out there that can help me, but I can't find it.

I use PS Elements for making graphics, and GIMP for animating them. I have my 9 images, but they're to large for an LJ icon when animated. How do I make it smaller?

I figure there's got to be a way to decrease the size of the pics with elements before I animate them, thus making the animation file smaller, right? I've decreased colors to 128 - but they're still to large.

Or should I be trying to decrease the file size in GIMP when I do the animation?

Any tips or links to tutorials would be helpful.

Thank you.

OH, here's the image, in case it helps.


Imageready question - Tweening and layers

I was wondering if anyone could help me on this IR question. I have layers and then I turned over to imageready and then I made an animation out of the layers. Then I tweened a couple of the layer/frames. Now the question is how do I turn the tween frames into layers so I can work with them?

I tried the roundabout way of saving it as an optimization and the dither just makes it look awful. Not how it was originally when I tweened it. I tried playing around with optimization but nothing works to make it look like the original.

Is there a way I can make the tween frames into layers without saving it first as an optimized gif?

And if I have to save it as an optimized gif, do you know how I can do it so that it looks like the original tween? Because when I save it it's all dithered. But if I choose no dither, then there's no tween. :/

Any help on this would be great. Thank you so much.
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photshop question

not sure this is the place to ask and if it's not delete away mods.

I have photoshop 7, photoshop cs and photoshop cs3 i can't use the text option in cs3 it hangs and i have to wait forever and then i end up having to close the program (could be due to my hundreds of fonts i have installed) i am able to use text in both 7and cs but not all my fonts load i get to maybe m or so I would really like to exclusively use cs3 for stuff but with this hanging problem in the text i can't any suggestions on how to maybe stop that??
I generally use PSPX2 also for some stuff and since i was having issues with text and all my fonts i was generally using that for my text BUT i would like to use all the cool options and stuff on the PS program for text. I can do some stuff but not everything if i use text from PSP.
any suggestions would totally rock (sorry if this didn't make sense lol i am still waking up)


I'm having a problem that is really upseting me and talking up all my time

I edit a lj post of icons becuase the file name has changed but when i come to save/ post it, it says that the post is to big, it is only text,  icons in a table generated of another site and teasers with my rules for using my icons (70 icons), this is realling upseting and making my anrgy as I want to continue using the same format in posting large numbers of icons on my photobucket account help please

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do you see what I see?

Three different computers, three different colourings. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the black settings on your personal monitor, but do any of you see the grey, matte tint to the black areas? I've got multiple selective colouring layers, but I do not know what to do to fix it. Can anyone help?

I use PS CS2. thanks.
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Mod Post

Effective today, any post that violates the posting rules explicit on the user profile page of this community will be immediately deleted. This rule will be effective indefinitely or until people stop posting images larger than 300x300 pixels in size or more than three 100x100 pixel images above an LJ-cut.

It is incredibly time consuming as moderators to go through the community every single day and leave the exact same message on every single post (at the moment, there are 4 posts on the front page that violate this rule). I do not like to put the community under moderation, as I think it defeats the purpose of this community to begin with. Thus, instead of leaving comments that may or may not be heeded, we will be deleting these posts.


How can I get my images to show more detail with the threshold tool?

I have Photoshop 7.0 first of all. I usually create most of my graphics with the aid of the threshold (image adjustment) tool. My problem is that I can never seem to get the details from the picture that I would like to show up to show up. Usually I end up with too much shadow or too much lightness in the picture to make out any kind of details. I have scoured the internet, but I have not been able to find a tutorial or guide to prep my images before I use the threshold tool. Does anybody know of a way to get a better result?
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Animation using Photoshop CS3 - question about videos and file sizes

Hello. I decided to have a little play for the first time with trying to do something animated in the above. My result was, uh, the above, ^^ and my discovery was that unless I made the video minute on the icon... and preferably also made it black and white so I could reduce the number of colours as much as possible, it seemed impossible for silly 'ole me to make anything that looks any good at all that isn't maaassssiiivvveeee in file size. So I was wondering whether anyone had any tips on potential ways to reduce file size while keeping quality as good as possible? I thought it might make a difference if you saved the original video clip in a different format, but it didn't seem to, hmm. Thanks in advance for any help anyway :).