February 18th, 2008

problems with variations.

I'm working on a project for my photo class that involves photoshop blood.
according to the GORGEOUS tutorial I'm currently using...
it says to use variations.
when i go to image>adjustments, the variations option is un-clickable.
I'm working with a .psd file (i tried seeing if i saved it as a .png is anything would change but it didn't) in CS3.
i really need this to work because it's due tomorrow and i have class at 12 and basically no other time to do it!
if anyone knows what's wrong with my image to not let me use variations, it would be a big help

p.s. i'm aware this is an icon place but i really really really need help with this.

Ok, here we go again


I have a few fun little icons I made, and I don't want to remove frames because it would eliminate the motion-like effect I was looking for in the first place, but when I try to optimize to 40K, they come out disgustingly yellow and grainy. The pix were yellow to begin with, and I had curves layers, selective color, etc, to fix it. I don't want the yellow back. LOL

I even tried simply reducing the colors to 64 (from 256), etc, but nothing helps.

Are they just doomed to not be LJ compatable?

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Looking for a tutorial...

Okay, so I'm not sure this is the right place to ask this but I'm looking for a tutorial that was post a while ago and I cannot find it!
I don't even know what the effect is called but it kinda turned a normal pic into a cartoony-vector type thing (BAD description).
It used a picture of Haley Williams and she was wearing a band around her head that said riot (in the base) and you can't see her face in the end.
Don't make fun of me if this is the wrong place to post and I hope someone has this memmed!

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PSCS3 help?

I have PSCS3 and lately, whenever I open it up, everything has been set back to default and all my modifications to the workspace have just disappeared. Every single time (for the last week, anyway) I open it up I get this page, whereas normally it looks more like this (aside from the bar to the far right - I can't manage to get rid of that pesky thing). Can someone clue me in on a) what's causing this and b) how to fix it so it doesn't do this every damn time I open the program?

Any and all help is extremely appreciated. :]

(I looked through the memories and recent entries for similar issues but couldn't find anything. Apologies if I managed to overlook it.)