February 19th, 2008

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Fixing The One-Color Photo...

 I'm looking for a tutorial on fixing pictures saturated with one color (whole picture is very blueish, or yellowish, etc.). But I'm looking for more of a how-to on fixing any picture oversaturated with any color instead of a step by step that only works for one specific image. Because there's tons of good ones out there like that (like the one thealliecatpawsrecently posted here) and I've been running into alot of pictures lately that I'd love to work with but can't because they're all one color. And I'd really like to learn how to fix it. So if anyone knows of any that already exist or if someone with some decent Photoshop knowledge would be willing to write one let me know. Thanks.
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This is so embarassing, I can't even find the icon I was asking for a tutorial on--it was a Futurama icon, there were several in the post and it was basically the OUTLINE of the subject? Like, a drawing of Zoidberg instead of the picture, then a color was 'scribbled in'. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I've been looking for them for like, twenty minutes but I'm hoping someone else knows what I'm talking about and I was wondering how to get that effect >.<
thanks :D

(no subject)

Feel free to delete this if it breaks any rules, but I'm wondering if anyone could please give me a link to a tutorial list that has icons that don't use selective coloring? 

thanks for any help!
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