February 21st, 2008

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Anyone have good hints how to bring b&w picture to colors [without making layers and painting it] ? The whole picture, not just a little part of it.

Also I have had some issues with curves; I've set inputs and ouputs Just the way that it'd been in tutorials but it ends up looking like this [original]. Also tried with cropped image, same results.

Using PSCS3.
Thanks in advance.
Film: The Fall yellow coat

Atonement tutorial

Because xxrouxx  said she'd like to see a tutorial for one of my Atonement icons, I made one. :)

It's a very particular colouring, this one, but with some variations (especially in toning down the blue), I find it applicable to most screencaps of the Tallis grounds.

Because of the specific colouring, I'll comment on what we're doing and why - a few sidelong remarks about selective colouring.

We're going from to in 7 steps in PS CS3, but other versions of PS will do fine as well. We'll be using selective colouring and hue/saturation layers.

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