February 24th, 2008


Help with animating icon

I made the frames for this icon in Photoshop Elements 3 and I animated it in Animation Shop. I saved it at the highest quality and it turned out crappy. The background is very pixelated. But I guess it looks like a texture, but it's supposed to be a solid color.

Does anyone know why the background turned out like that? Does it have anything to do with web-safe colors or anything like that? o_O

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This icon was made in a program called fotoflex.com and I have no idea how to translate the coloring in Photoshop CS, because my friend doesn't know how to explain it to me. And I don't think I could translate the thing in Photoshop.

All I'm saying is, how do I do this coloring in Photoshop?

Original image is here and the icon was made by loudandproudx (It's a private icon, please don't steal it.)