February 26th, 2008


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Two silly questions. I checked the mems already.

I'm using this rounded edges tutorial and everything works out okay except when I move the picture onto another, creating a new layer, the background isn't transparent. What i'm saying is the rounded edges are there but you can see see the square white border around the picture. Edit: Nevermind I used the background eraser tool! Worked like a charm.

Another question, when i'm using text, I want to make it diagonal but it seems I can only warp text. I remember there being an option where you can rotate from the middle of the text, if that makes any sense.


animation and free transform questions:

First question:

I've just learned how to do animation in PS using IR (the icon I'm using is an example of my first attempts, LOL). To animate this icon, I used six frames (two screencaps and a base layer in black) and it managed to be under 40kb. I attempted to make this same icon using THREE screencaps and a black base layer and it ended up way to big, like 65kb. So what did I do wrong? And are there any tips for keeping file size under 40kb using as many pictures as you want? I checked the memories, but the tuts there are for certain effects and I'm more looking for pointers on animation in general (like how best to keep file size under 40kb and all that). Any help on this is appreciated. I use PSCS2.

Second question:

Whenever I use my free transform tool to rotate text it ends up pixelly and blurry. Is there anything I can do to remedy that in order to get smooth looking text at an angle?

Again, all help is very much appreciated. Thanks!

cm - garcia


I have photoshop 7 and just recently I went to save an image and when I did - the box that shows up - the one where you can decide to save images and such -completey froze up photoshop - I can't cancel the box - when I click on things it doesn't work - i cant save - i can't change folders - and I can't exit out of photoshop - I have to turn off my computer and start all over again.

Does anyone have any tips?
[MS] Hepburn

photoshop text problem

Hi everyone,

I had a weird thing happen to my photoshop 7 (legal) a couple days ago that apparently won't go away. Whenever I make an icon, I do all the usual things (crop, color) and then add text. Most often I have to move the text around on the icon, or I need to change the angle--do something to it. However, NOW, when I use the move tool and click on my text layer to drag around, the layer on the side bar (which is selected) is moved to the layer below it. So, when I click and drag, I'm not moving my text layer, but whatever is underneath it. Which renders my text layer pretty much unmovable.

I've tried everything I could think of, hiding the layer below the text, making the text layer into a regular one by merging down, and as far as I know all of my settings are usual.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I'm pretty much stuck on all graphics I'm working on. I've checked the memories, etc. etc. on here but didn't see anyone with this issue.

Thank you for anyone who can help.