February 28th, 2008

PS CS3 Text question

Hey guys,

I'm making an avatar at the moment, but for some reason when I go to add text on the image, no text is shown and the layer panel on the far right indicates what I've wrote, but I see no effects or changes. How do I resolve this?

(I cropped the image, resized, saved it, re-opened it back up, put a smidgen of red brush effect where the text would be going, and then went onto the text tool.)


okay, i've been searching for hours and can't seem to find what i need to find. so, i'm posting here for help. i'm trying to do the color and black and white effect. and i was wondering how to do that. i'm using photoshop cs3. if there are any suggestions or tutorials that you know of that i just didn't find then please, please, please let me know and i'd love you forever!

thanks again!