February 29th, 2008

another question

okay, i have a new question. so, here it is. i was wondering how you'd go about doing the circles and the picture inside it like this girl did for the picture that is under the cut. oh and yes i'm using photoshop cs3 xD

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Texture tutorial

A quick tutorial to make dark textures like this -
from stock photos.

It's really easy if you know the basic Photoshop tools. Again, I have no idea how well it might translate to other programs.

Find it here.
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Photoshop text problem

Ok, i checked the memories and everything, and this is really starting to irratate me.
I use Photoshop CS, and when i opened it up the other day and wanted to use some text, i had to make the font size reeeaaaallly small before i could fit it on my icon. Like size 3.
For those who don't understand my babbling there's an example under the cut.
Please can someone help me?


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