March 7th, 2008

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defining patterns.

Would anyone be able to tell me/ direct me to a tutorial for defining multiple patterns in Photoshop CS2.
I've just downloaded loads of textures that i can't wait to use but each set has about 70 textures and it's taking forever to define each one individually!!

thanks in advance :]]

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I've seen a lot of people ask how to get the sunburst effects and I've seen a few tutorials on how to get the effect, but the method I like the most is a really simple way of getting a great two-tone sunburst effect. I haven't seen anybody post about it yet and I hope this small guide is helpful!

Translatability: This guide was made for PS CS2. I'm not so sure if it would work with other versions of Photoshop (except maybe CS3) and it most probably won't work for other programs since it uses a preset tool that comes with PS CS2.

How to get from to in a couple seconds!

You can find the guide over here.