March 8th, 2008


Loking for a tutorial

Hi! I made this icon: Photobucket following a particular tutorial from a master list from someone's journal. Unfortunately, the post was deleted and the tutorial got lost. I have used the exact coloring, and the tutorial contained the light texture that I've used in the icon I made including a circle brush, which I haven't: Photobucket

The tutorial icon had a picture of trees in the background and a grassy field in front and is greenish in coloring like the one I made. If you guys know which tutorial I'm talking about, I would really really appreciate it if you could give me the link or direct me to a similar coloring. Thanks in advance!

ETA - Found it. Thank you phrixtion!
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rose from doctor who tut?

A while ago, I can't remember how long, someone posted an icon tut of Rose from Doctor Who in which she was crying. Does anyone have a link to it?

 The coloring was gorgeous and I want to try it out on some Star Trek: Voyager caps, so if you could direct me to it that would be great. I've already been searching for half an hour and I think it would just be easier to ask someone for it since they might have been smart enough to add it to their favorites, unlike me. Thanks! 

ETA: And if anyone is familiar with using Voyager caps and have tuts that you use for it, I'd also appreciate those. Thanks :D
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Grainy Photograph

Hi. I don't have any picture in particular to show but is there a way i could improve a grainy photograph(especially like scans and such)? The grains make the picture look like a low quality photo, so is there any way/tutorial to amend this? 

Thanks in advance (:
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 First post here, and still a photoshop newbie.

So I use Photoshop CS2 and I'm trying to round the corners of a picture or fill the corners with a color with a rounded bottom of the triangle.
If that made any sense.
Cause I'm kinda confusing myself here -face palm-
I read in a tut in the memories I need to check the "Anit-alias" box but I can't because for some reason my photoshop disabled me from clicking it.
Soooo, what do I do?
Help ?