March 10th, 2008

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[Help/Request] Make-Up

I was wondering if anyone had a link to a tutorial that teaches you how to put make-up on a photo through PhotoShop? I thought I've seen one before, but I can't seem to find it. I need to put some J-rock style make-up on to a photo for a project, so I'd like to get some help on that. If anyone can tell me some general tips, that would work as well.

Thank you in advance. ^^

Edit: Some great tutorials/references given. =)

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I have a problem with Photoshop. I have an image now with for example 2 text layers on it. When I click on the text itself it selects the layer and I'm able to move it. But I don't want that.
Cos when I make an icon with various coloring layers it always moves the top one.

I used to have to select the layer before I could move it. How canI get that back.
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unwanted border issue when resizing.

hi, i checked the cropping/resizing mems and they didn't help me, SO:

i just got cs2 (moving up from elements) and i'm trying to resize a psd i made in imageready. no matter whether i use imageready or cs2 to crop/resize from 100px to 70px, it gets this irritating outlining border. ): and i have NO idea how to fix it. it's happened in elements before, but lucky me, i forgot how i fixed it (or if i even did or if it was a fluke).

a small screencap of the issue. the icon's okay at 100px, then after resizing/cropping:

any help would be really REALLY appreciated! <3

note: just in case there's any confusion, i'm trying to make an animated icon. someone reminded me of the whole flatten image->resize being able to get rid of the unwanted pixel border, but i can't do that with this one. ):

EDIT: i figured it out! thanks to everyone who tried to help me. for anyone else who's been having this problem, check behind the cut for a screencap of how i solved it.

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