March 12th, 2008


Vector generator

Hello! I'm sorry if this has been posted before, but I remember finding a link in one of the tutorials to a website that vectorizes your images for free, a very powerful tool that worked alot better than photoshops cut-out filter. I need to make some posters and I can't make vectors myself, and i've lost the link of the generator.

Could someone post it please.

buffy; death of a mother

buffy icons

I'm having a really hard time trying to make a good coloring for most buffy the vampire slayer icons.
all caps have this horrible orangey quality to them, like in the pictures below.

what I want is for the skin to lose all of the redness and be more white. I've seen icons from buffy like that, so I know it's attainable.
If someone could just point me in the direction of some tutorials, that'd be fantastic.

(click on the picture for full size.


Lost tutorial...PLEASE HELP!!!


I lost the tutorial that I used to make these icons. I don't remeber the author of the tutorial, but i do remember that it was three or four selective coloring layers, and one of the example finished icons was of Emma Watson wearing a blue dress and caring a purse on her shoulders.I do still have the first selective coloring lays: 
Red: -100, 0, 47, 0                                                                         Reds:-100, 0, 24, 0
Yellows: -40, 0, 12, 0                                                                     Yellows: -100, 0, 17, 0
Greens: -25, 0, 0,0                                                                         Neutrals: 21, -16, -18, 0
Cyans: 100,-100,-100, 100
Magentas: -100, 100,-100,100
Neutrals: 18,-11, -24, -15

please :]

i know it isnt an icon, but does anyone know how to make the perspective in an image like this? 

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i use photoshop cs2. thanks a lot to anyone who can help me xo :]
(sorry, im new to LJ so dont really know what im doing)